Getting started

Registering for a global Victory Road account

The entire Victory Road Network uses a universal login, and the oekaki is no exception. If you already have an account at Victory Road, simply use the box above to login. If you do not have an account, you can register for a Victory Road account. Accounts are free and easy to setup; once you have an account, you can also post on the forum and collect Pokémon in the VR Adoption Center.

Using the ChibiPaint applet

Sorry, I've taken this down because of a Java bug that is difficult to deal with.

Saving artwork

When finished with a submission or whenever you simply want to keep a scrap to work on later, click the Send Pic button on the Misc toolbar or File > Send Oekaki. When prompted to send the layer file, click Yes if you believe you might want to edit the file again, especially if you used several layers in your art; otherwise, click No. The file (or files) should then be sent to the server.

After the file sends, you'll be prompted to fill in several fields regarding details about your artwork. Fill in as much of it as you can, as the details help people find your submission in the search. The Mature checkbox can be used to distinguish submissions that are only suitable for users who are at least 18 years old. The Scrap checkbox can be used to mark a drawing as private, which will only be visible by you and administrators (for security purposes). Click the Save & Publish button when you're finished. To edit your submission again later, either click Edit this submission when viewing it or Edit on your picture listing.

Using the search engine

Searching for others' submissions is quite easy. Simply type at least two characters in the search box at the top, then click the Search button to look up any artwork pertaining to that search. The search is verbatim, meaning it searches for exactly what you type in (as a phrase). There are several special characters you can use in the search box:

_ Search for a single character (any).
% Search for any range of characters.

You can use the search to look up both submissions and users.